Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oy vey and ouch.

Poorly Executed Good Idea: attempting to break off a sugar addiction (I'm sorry, but when thumping withdrawal headaches set in a day and a half after the last candy bar, it's an addiction) by going cold turkey in the middle of midterms. I am now past the headache stage, but I've gone into a crash that apparently hasn't stopped since Saturday afternoon. I'm terrified of how my blood sugar must look now, and I don't even want to think about what my weight is doing.

Bad Idea: mentioning graduate school and field schools to an academic advisor, even in passing, when your desire to attend is uncertain at best, you have no clue what you would study in graduate school, you're tired of being a student, and you're already wondering where your next month's rent will come from, let alone any savings and "oh, SHIT" funds. I understand the desire to get more archaeologists with Master's degrees and field experience out into the world, but dismissing my wish to leave school debt-free with "get some loans" does not count as financial advisement.

Very Bad Idea: hoping against hope that the business majors actually give a damn about their grades for once and did well on the test, rather than blowing it off and apparently trying to get the lowest grades possible. This is right up there with hoping that at least half the class or more will show up, and that half of the attendees will not do the crossword/Sudoku, text in class, fall asleep, do homework from other classes (barring a serious time crunch - I've been there), or talk and completely ignore the subject matter. And people wonder why I don't want to teach unless I get a dart/squirt gun to use on those students.

Good Idea: finding fiber craft projects to work on, grabbing some of the bargain-bin balls of yarn, and hoping that some manic knitting time over Spring Break will smooth out any internal rough patches. (Reciting the Litany Against Fear gets old after a while, and people don't bug you when you're doing something with your hands and thinking.)

I'm going to finish some of the rougher outlines of some big projects, study for my language midterm, and crash. I hope whoever might be reading this is having a slightly better day.

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