Sunday, January 25, 2009

At least it's not a life-or-death matter.

As one of my many oddball attempts at frugality, I turn in those soda cap points online and exchange them for stuff I can use myself, give as gifts, and in a pinch sell on eBay (assuming someone is kind enough to teach me how to use the site(s) necessary for this option.)

I did the usual turn-in of points today, and then started looking through the prizes to see if there was anything I might need in the future.

Tall veggie steamer? Nope.

Rice cooker? Not unless it does more than that.

Pans? Got plenty of those.

Magazines? I only renewed the subscription on one that I like to read.

$1,000 to pay the bills? N- Whoa, hold it! Back up, take a better look. I had to have seen a decimal point in the wrong place there.

As it turns out, no. They really did have a $1000 gift card under the sweepstakes. Oy vey. That's a sign of some sort - but whether it's "the best time to make money is when people are panicking" or "we know people are really going to need this money" is up for debate.

And yes, I did toss in an entry just for the hell of it. Two months' rent or a year of groceries - hey, I can dream.

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