Thursday, January 15, 2009

*CLANG...thunk, thunk, thunk*

That rattling sound you hear would be the balls freezing off the brass monkey. Eight inches of snow and a wind chill near twenty below.

Naturally, classes were canceled in the wake of Jack Frost getting cranky. (A minor miracle in this area of the Midwest, where the usual response is to salt early and often, and to make grouchy noises about kids being wimpy these days.) This wouldn't be a problem if they met more often, but none of mine meet more than twice a week, and a day and a half of classes have been canceled.

Half a week into the semester and I'm already a week behind in linguistics. Crud.

And at least there's no frost on the inside of the windows this time, maybe because they face the south (but what I'd give to be allowed to put up insulating curtains.)

Well, at least they didn't cancel before the class I TA for could meet. Not that I could offer much insight or help for the first few classes of Human Origins, but let's face it, I need to plump up my pay somehow. But I have a sneaking suspicion that no amount of pay is going to make up for the shouting that I think we're in for if there are any non-believers of evolution in the class.

I'll be right back after I see if the bottle of tea I left on the windowsill has thawed yet.

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