Thursday, February 12, 2009

A rant and some minor updates.

To all of the doom-sayers on both ends of the current economic predictions: quit it. I don't believe we're going to be reduced to Donner Party measures, but neither do I believe that the economy has to keep growing. We were overdue for this, actually. What I want to know is how you plan to soften the impact for those of us who don't have three years' living expenses socked away. I'll do my part, but I expect you to do yours, got it?

Now, with that rant over with, on to some of the week's highlights.

I somehow managed to win a book in a raffle this afternoon. Granted, I wasn't expecting to win something like "Food Security & Sustainability For the Times Ahead," but it might be a good read anyway once I get a chance to sit down with it between classes and work. What's even better is that I didn't have to pay anything to enter.

There's been a serious temperature rise in my area of the Midwest - we're talking about T-shirt weather a couple of days ago, and as far as anyone can see there's no snow or ice anywhere outside. Not having to slip and skid on the only bridge that leads to my main grocery store - good news.

And while it might get boring after a while, I now have enough rice and frozen veggies to make quite a few healthy meals. I don't know how long the soy sauce will hold out, though.

Now to get the free loaf of bread from the local bakery, and life will be good for a couple weeks.

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