Monday, February 2, 2009

Watching grass grow would be a carnival after this.

Discovery of the day: the only thing duller than taking a test where you know all of the material backwards and forwards, and have had it drilled into your head to the point of nausea... having to watch a room of approximately 100 students take that test.

I would have fallen asleep if I hadn't had to continually stalk around the room, keeping my eyes open for signs of cheating, looking menacing, and threatening to confiscate any cell phone that went off during the exam. I almost did during the ten minutes or so of notes that followed if not for stabbing myself in the leg with my pencil.

Lessons learned today:

1) Eat a better lunch before coming to marathon days.

2) Pack a better dinner.

3) Get my ass to bed at a reasonable hour.

4) If I can stay awake through something this boring, I can most certainly stay awake through the most boring presentations imaginable.

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